Monday, April 25, 2022

viki mod apk (adsfree)

viki mod apk (adsfree)


What is viki?

If you want to watch Asian movies, go to a channel that specializes in Asian movies

Well, you also know, the Asian film market is increasingly active, especially with representatives from Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand. There are more and more movies and TV series from these countries. Of course, there are the utterly successful ones and flop ones. However, everyone must admit the increasing coverage of these countries.

However, not always movie applications or mass channels like YouTube can bring all you need. Recently, I was curious to see the movie Mr. Queen, which was also quite popular in Korea, but I couldn’t find it on Netflix. The main reason is that these movie channels have a large spread, not focusing 100% of their resources on the Asian market. Therefore, we can see that the movies of each Asian country are not explored in depth by the movie-watching channels.

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